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Gold Explosion..... 

As Gold increases its value to record highs* and will likely continue to do so, it is still a sure fire investment for the long term.  It makes buying  jewelery a win-win scenario!  Even if adorning oneself in cascades of gems is not your way of expressing yourself,  tuck it away and watch your beautiful investment grow safely. No watering required.

To put it in perspective......just almost 5 short years ago, gold was in the 400's!

*$1050/troy ounce as of this report

Tanta is the "MD." of jewelry..she is always on call.

Is it 2pm on your Anniversary.....AND YOU JUST REMEMBERED? Don't hesitate to contact Tanta's 911 Emergency Line (240-994-5394) so she can render assistance... consider the alternative. 


Tanta is all about raising funds. Whether it be for HIGH TEA and gems at an Embassy or simply TEES with a sorority.....Tanta can customize any event to your group.

A percentage of the gross sales will be donated to your philanthropy of choice or to whomever you choose. Other types of organizations that have seen great success are:

Private Schools
Girls Night Out
Dance Teams
Religious Groups
MOM's Organizations
Health Related Causes

just to name a few...........

Need more ideas?  Meet Tanta for some coffee.....or tee.

Which is it Tanta?

Confused?  Spend a day in Tanta's head!

Tanta's Treasures is all about finding the most breathtaking discoveries from all around the world...  fine Italian 18k jewelry, collectibles such as French Limoges,  Russian glass and antiquarian books.  Tanta is located at, in person by appointment and at an array of juried fund raising events ranging from The National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Ball to The Festa Italiana in the Old Italy section of Washington D.C.

A division of Tanta's Treasures morphed about 2 years ago when it was apparent that jewelry was in abundance at many of the events in which Tanta was participating.  What was supposed to be a temporary supplement for certain events, exploded into an unforseen mania...............that's right.......the Michael Stars addict.  Little did "Tanta the Enabler" anticipate what was to become a HUGE demand which made perfect sense.  Women/girls wanted designer clothing at deeply discounted rates.  Go figure.  That's what Tanta gave them and continues to do.  There was such a demand for this fabulous apparel in between scheduled events that House of Tanta was born.  An in home boutique to cater to existing clientele who want the luxury of shopping in a private environment while reaping the benefits of saving oodles of cash.  Service, range of choice and what Tanta likes to call just a fun experience, has resulted in tons of new clients coming to shop in groups with existing ones.  Nothing like giving women what they want........hear that fellas?  These fabulous shirts can also be found when Tanta is crossing through valleys and frontiers so to view Tanta's early spring  calendar, go to

Hopefully, you feel enlightened.

If you want to check out House of Tanta, call 240-994-5394 or to schedule an appointment.


Tanta's Treasures
11 N. Washington Street, #350
Rockville, Maryland 20850